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Asthma: 3 common causes and how to avoid them

Asthma is a major issue in New Zealand. One in four of our kids and one in six adults suffer from asthma, over 600,000 people. It hasn’t always been this common and research hasn’t come up with a definite answer as to why it is becoming more common, but our lifestyles do seem to have many contributing factors. The major suspects seem to be allergies, diet and poor digestion.

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Twitching eyes and how to get rid of the tics

Eye twitching is a common occurrence and happens when the muscles in the bottom eyelid contract, causing a little spasm. The medical term for this condition is called myokymia, but it is not a serious condition, just irritating sometimes. It usually affects only one eye. The twitches can be caused by tiredness, stress, eye strain or magnesium deficiency. Dry eyes and allergies may also make the eyelids more likely to twitch, so treat those conditions separately if they occur. Getting plenty of sleep, eating well and exercising regularly can help to reduce tiredness and stress. Try also to reduce alcohol and caffeine in your diet as they can make stress worse. Eye strain may occur if your vision is not...

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Pain relief - 3 low risk ways to treat muscle and joint pain

Localised pain in a joint or muscle can be caused by many different injuries or wear and tear, from an acute strain or sprain to osteoarthritis and other chronic pain conditions. Creams and rubs can be used without as many side effects as oral medicines, so let’s have a look at some of these treatment options ...

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Stress and sleeping well

I saw a quote recently that said “Reality is the leading cause of stress among those in touch with it”. Stress is now so ingrained in our culture but what is it? A stressor is defined as anything that causes stress to an organism. When faced with a stressor, our body reacts with a “fight or flight” response, causing a surge of chemicals and immune cells. This is perfect if we need to get out of the way of an oncoming car but excessive stress over long periods of time increases our immune system activity and eventually depletes our resources, impairing the function of the immune system. The aim is not to completely avoid pressure but to find a balance.

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