Medicine management services

Managing your own medicines or being a carer to a loved one can be a demanding task with many things to think about and do.
Getting it right means you can follow your Doctor's advice accurately.
Having systems in place helps to maintain your independence and lifestyle.
I'd like to invite you talk to one of our Pharmacists, to find out how their knowledge and skills can assist you or your loved ones to take medicines effectively and maintain independence and dignity. 
They can work with you by offering:
One on One Consultations

Let our Pharmacists work with you to develop the tools to organise your medicines into an easier, more manageable system. We can offer you free one on one consultations to talk you through each medicine you are taking and why.  

Medicine Devices

Devices and gadgets may be just the right tools to maintain independence with your medicines. 

Medicine reminder packs can be a great tool to help you take the right medicine in the right dose, at the right time. They are made specifically for you, according to how your doctor prescribes your medicines and how you like to take them. 

You can test out how you like medication reminder packs for 12-weeks at no charge, click on the button at the bottom of the page to ask more information from our Pharmacists. 

Prescription Reminders

Have a text message or email sent to you to remind you when repeat scripts are due or soon to expire. Your Doctor can also fax new scripts through when needed.

Home Delivery

Stuck indoors? Your medicines can be delivered to your door at no charge every Monday afternoon, within the local area.

Sourcing Unusual Medicines

Meal replacement drinks, uncommon and controlled medicines can be ordered in to the pharmacy often within 24 hours.

An Easy Point of Contact

As you expect from your pharmacy.

These areas of support don't stand alone. If you choose to have your medicines packed in reminder packs, then our Pharmacists can order your prescriptions, source your medicines, pack them into the reminder packs, deliver them to you and sit down with you to explain what they are all for and how to take them.

Maintaining our independence helps us to maintain our sense of self and purpose, regardless of age. One lady said to me, "that's a headache I don't have to think about" when she first picked up her husband's new reminder packs.

Let us help relieve your medication headache by clicking the button below.

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