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Your Pharmacist is a wealth of knowledge with tools and advice to help you be the best, healthy self you can be. As you would expect from your pharmacy, instore and online you will find a range of over the counter medicines, prescription medicines and natural health options. Want to learn more? Pop on over to our health topics for information about various conditions and lifestyle tips for managing them.
Here are some other ways Ahuriri Pharmacy can make taking your medicines a little easier:
Prescription Reminders

At Ahuriri Pharmacy, we use ReCare so can let you know when your prescription is ready and to remind you when repeats are due or soon to expire. You receive a text message saying that your prescription is due, with an option to reply Yes or click on a link. If you do that, you will be able to see your current medicines in a web page, allowing you to select which you need. At this point, you can also add on any over the counter medicines you are needing to make collecting your medicines lovely and efficient. This same system allows us to receive electronic scripts from your Doctor as well. 

Home Delivery

Stuck indoors? Your medicines can be delivered to your door at no charge every Monday and Thursday afternoon, within the local area.


Virtual Doctor appointments

When it is tricky to see your regular doctor, a virtual appointment can allow you to still access to medical care. Call 8357948 to talk to us to arrange an appointment.

Sourcing Unusual Medicines

Meal replacement drinks, uncommon and controlled medicines can be ordered in to the pharmacy often within 24 hours.

An Easy Point of Contact

As you expect from your pharmacy.

These areas of support don't stand alone. You can choose to have your medicines packed in reminder packs, then our Pharmacists can order your prescriptions, source your medicines, pack them into the reminder packs, deliver them to you and sit down with you to explain what they are all for and how to take them.

Maintaining our independence helps us to maintain our sense of self and purpose, regardless of age. One lady said to me, "that's a headache I don't have to think about" when she first picked up her husband's new reminder packs.

Let us help relieve your medication headache today.


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