Beauty: Nimue Skincare

Nimue skincare is a beauty therapist only range that we use for the facials in our beauty room, Ahuriri Beauty Therapy. To ensure that you get the best results from the Nimue skincare, we suggest that you start your journey with a Nimue skin consultation either in store or virtually via Zoom. 

Nimue was developed by a leading plastic surgeon and combines innovation with science in quality products that deliver results. Nimue facials are tailored to your skin type with take home products for continuous treatment and maximum results. The ranges are:

  • Environmentally damaged skin
  • Hyperpigmented skin
  • Problematic skin
  • Interactive range
The skincare follows a 3-phase system:
  1. Home care skincare to optimise skin health and renewal. Use for 4-6 weeks.
  2. Active products are added in at home to accelerate skin rejuvenation.
  3. Professional treatments to enhance the results of home care products.

Please note that when introducing Nimue skincare or after an active treatment, a temporary condition called the Nimue transitional period may occur. This is a normal condition where you may notice skin oiliness or dryness; breakouts; increased sensitivity or hyperpigmentation. This may occur in the first 2-4 weeks of use and may last for up to 6 weeks. Continue with your skincare routine for the skin's functions to normalise and to ultimately achieve optimum skin health.

Nimue can only be sold within New Zealand.



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