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COVID-19: Staying mentally well

With the pandemic going on and on and the peak iminent, it is important to safeguard our mental health as well as the measures we take for our physical health. Depression and anxiety affect many people and should be managed by a Doctor, but there is more to good mental health than avoiding mental illness. Rather, it is about living in a way that is good for you and those around you. With ideas from the Mental Health Foundation, our Pharmacists have put together 10 ideas you might like to try to promote wellbeing: Give your time, words and presence. Share a favourite recipe, a smile or help a neighbour by picking up some food or other essentials for them....

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COVID-19: Ins and outs of Oximeters

When we breathe, oxygen enters our lungs and passes into our blood stream where it is collected by red blood cells and carried around the body. An oximeter can be used to spot check how well the oxygen is binding to your red blood cells through your finger. Previously most commonly used pre and post-exercise, pre and post-operations and to monitor respiratory conditions, they have become more common since the COVID-19 pandemic.

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