What your community Pharmacist can offer you ...

Over the years, Pharmacists have traded in the lab coats, typewriters and capsule making for dispensing software and a focus on advice, and all the while, been trusted by our communities to listen, answer questions and consistently be there to meet your needs. New services and products can now be offered through your pharmacy and this list is changing all the time.

One of the most recent changes is that Pharmacists can now offer vaccinations and other injectable medicines. The COVID-19 vaccine is available through selected local pharmacies, as is the influenza, measles-mumps-rubella and other vaccines. Vitamin B12 injections can also be administered by certain Pharmacists as a convenient option. Some medicines that you would have previously had to see your Doctor for have also been made more accessible. This includes treatments for urinary infection, erectile dysfunction, migraines, conjunctivitis, cold sores, emergency contraception and quitting smoking.

Your community Pharmacist is an expert in managing medicines and can help you get the most from them. Many pharmacies offer extra care for people with long term conditions which can include working with you and/or your family to give tools to remember to take your medicines, reduce unnecessary trips to the doctor or pharmacy and refer you to other specialist services. You can also book a private consultation to sit down with your Pharmacist and discuss what medicines you are taking, how you take them and what you understand they are for and how they work. I like to think of the consult as a good check-up of how you are going with your medicines.

Regardless of the changes over the years, your community Pharmacist remains an easy point of contact for your health needs. He/she has the tools and advice to help you be the best, healthy self you can be.



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