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2021 Influenza and COVID-19 vaccinations

Influenza and Coronavirus are caused by different viruses so vaccination against one doesn't offer any protection from the other. In 2021, we are recommending a three-step vaccination program for adults over 18 years, starting with your annual flu vaccination. The flu vaccine is given with at least a 14 day gap between it and the COVID-19 vaccine. The time interval between COVID-19 vaccinations will depend on the vaccine that you are given.

Step 1: Influenza vaccine

Influenza (flu) vaccination is available through your Pharmacist Vaccinator for adults over 13 years. The vaccination is subsidised by the government if you are over 65 years, pregnant or have an eligible health condition. If you aren’t eligible for a funded vaccine, you can still get your vaccine through pharmacy for a fee.
Influenza vaccinations will have a staggered start again this year. From April 14, adults 65 years and over will be vaccinated with a vaccine that has been formulated specially for this population (Fluad Quad). After a week, other people eligible for a free vaccine will be able to be vaccinated. From April 28, vaccination will open to include the rest of the population (using Afluria Quad). 

Immunity from the flu vaccine is expected to last for three to four months, so April to June are the best months to be vaccinated to allow the vaccine to work at it's peak during the flu season. As the immunity wears off and the strains of virus mutate each year, it is important that you have the flu vaccine each year. In 2021, three out of the four strains in the vaccine are different from those in 2020 in accordance with recommendations from the World Health Organisation.

Step 2&3: COVID-19 vaccines

The COVID-19 vaccine is estimated to be available to the general public from July 2021. The vaccine will be free to any person within New Zealand and it is your choice to be vaccinated or not. At Ahuriri Pharmacy, we are preparing to offer the COVID-19 vaccine in store and will update details as we know them. As many people will feel a little nervous about vaccinations in 2021 and have questions, we have put together a series of FAQ to help with your research.

Measles, Mumps and Rubella

Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccinations are now available through your Pharmacist Vaccinator for adults between 16 and 30 years of age. If you are over 49 years, vaccination isn't considered necessary as you have probably been exposed to the viruses in early life.



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