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COVID-19: Staying mentally well

With the pandemic going on and on and the peak iminent, it is important to safeguard our mental health as well as the measures we take for our physical health. Depression and anxiety affect many people and should be managed by a Doctor, but there is more to good mental health than avoiding mental illness. Rather, it is about living in a way that is good for you and those around you. With ideas from the Mental Health Foundation, our Pharmacists have put together 10 ideas you might like to try to promote wellbeing: Give your time, words and presence. Share a favourite recipe, a smile or help a neighbour by picking up some food or other essentials for them....

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5 ways to maintain healthy bones and joints

As we age, we can begin to feel the effects of a life playing sports, working and general wear and tear on our joints. Our bones often become less dense and weak, increasing our risk of fractures and breaks. Diet, gut health, exposure to sunlight and exercise levels are all important in maintaining healthy bones and joints and preventing osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Osteoporosis is a common condition where the bones lose strength and become brittle. Bones can be thought as a bank where you deposit and withdraw bone tissue. When growing, we deposit new bone to the skeleton faster than old bone is withdrawn, but after age 40, bone withdrawals can begin to go faster than deposits, leading to osteoporosis....

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Pink For A Week: Breast Cancer Awareness

Every day in New Zealand, 9 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. To reduce our risk, the NZBCF encourages us to be breast aware; reduce our risk; act on breast changes and regularly have screening mammograms. October 7-12, 2019 we are going pink for the week to raise funds for NZBCF. Come in store to join in the fun.

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Cold sores

Cold sores may not be a serious health condition but they are painful, definitely annoying and often embarrassing for those who get them. And, as all sufferers know, often the sores appear at the worst times. We are all exposed to the cold sores virus but not all of us will experience an outbreak of the sores. Those who do usually get repeated attacks. Our first exposure to the virus is most likely in childhood.

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