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Pink For A Week: Breast Cancer Awareness

Every day in New Zealand, 9 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. To reduce our risk, the NZBCF encourages us to be breast aware; reduce our risk; act on breast changes and regularly have screening mammograms. October 7-12, 2019 we are going pink for the week to raise funds for NZBCF. Come in store to join in the fun.

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Diabetes: Are you one of the 100,000 New Zealander’s with Diabetes who don’t know it?

Diabetes currently affects more than 200,000 people in New Zealand and experts fear that there are another 100,000 people who have Diabetes but haven’t been diagnosed yet. As with many conditions, the earlier that it is diagnosed, the better it is controlled, and the long-term outcomes are more positive. 

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Why is circulation so important in Diabetes?

Diabetes has been dubbed the next “health catastrophe” in Western countries. It is set to be a massive problem for many people as well as health systems. Thankfully, there are simple lifestyle changes that can be made to prevent and manage it and many people diagnosed with Diabetes will make healthier choices. What happens in our bodies in Diabetes? Our bodies need glucose for energy. An organ called the pancreas produces the hormone insulin which acts like a metabolic traffic cop, allowing glucose into cells where it's burnt as energy. Too much food means a traffic jam of glucose in the blood, and combined with insufficient exercise, the effect of insulin is overpowered. Instead of being a vital food source, glucose...

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