Pink For A Week: Breast Cancer Awareness

Last year, a friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer. The reality of it hit home to me. Her story is one of many, in fact, 9 NZ women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day. Thankfully, her story has a happy ending with successful treatment and a great prognosis, but early detection is the key to survival.

To reduce our risk, the NZBCF encourages B.R.A.S. –

Be Breast aware
Around half of all cancers are found by women who felt or saw a change in their breasts. From 20 years, start checking yourself for changes, lumps or thickening in the tissue. This can be done in the shower or lying down. Raise one arm and with flat fingers, press into your breast at shallow and deep levels. Cover the entire breast in a pattern and then check above towards your collarbone. Repeat on the other side. 

Reduce your risk
General good health may make a difference too. Be physically active, maintain a healthy weight and limit alcohol. Choose a healthy, low-fat diet with plenty of antioxidants from fresh fruits and vegetables, especially red grapes, berries, apples and avocados.   

Act on breast changes
It is vital that if you discover a change in your breast, that you talk to your doctor about it. It might be scary, but 9/10 lumps are found to be harmless and it is better to know. Signs to look for are:  

  • A new lump
  • Pain
  • Nipple changes (inverted, discharge, crusty)
  • Dimpling or skin changes
  • Shape change

Screening mammograms
Recommended regularly from 40 years and free for women aged 45-69 every two years.

October 7-12, 2019 we are going pink for the week to raise funds for NZBCF. Go in the draw to win a gorgeous prize pack valued at $250, by purchasing a raffle ticket and add a name to the pink ribbon remembrance tree. Come in store to join in and ask our pharmacists your health questions.



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