Your guide to healthy skin this Winter

Extra hand washing and showering along with cold, windy days and indoor heating can dehydrate our skin, leaving it feeling dry and sore over Winter. Here’s 9 ways you can keep your skin feeling its best:

  1. Hang onto your water bottle – Keep sipping to stay hydrated even if you’re not feeling very thirsty.

  2. Turn down the steam – Although it is blissful to take a long, hot soak, your skin will benefit from a 5-10 minute lukewarm shower. Same for your hands, if they are turning red when washing, the water is too hot.

  3. Moisturise – Lotions and creams supply your skin with a little bit of water and then oils to lock that in. Apply them (or ointments) liberally within a few minutes of taking a shower. Have hand cream close to your sink so you can apply it after each wash. Try using gloves for washing dishes and cleaning.

  4. Go gentle – Use mild soaps and moisturisers that won’t irritate your skin. We love MooGoo's Full Cream moisturiser, Avene's cicalfate hand cream and Weleda's Skin Food Body Butter.

  5. Modify your skin care – over Winter, choose a richer moisturiser, cream-based cleansers and leave off your toner to keep more moisture in your skin.

  6. Remember to exfoliate – cell turnover slows in Winter so exfoliate 2-3 times a week to reduce dullness and flaking.

  7. Still wear sunscreen – UV rays can affect the oil levels in the skin, reducing how well it will hold onto moisture.

  8. Choose loose, non-irritating clothing – wear cotton, loose fitting clothing next to the skin to allow it to breath without overheating. Gloves or mittens protect your hands on cold days.

  9. Eat well - try foods high in antioxidants and natural oils - berries, avocados, fatty fish, raw nuts and seeds or supplement with a good quality fish oil.

Avoid scratching and check inflamed skin with your Pharmacist or Doctor.



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