Getting ready for a COVID-19 outbreak at home

Before we dive in, please know that the team at Ahuriri Pharmacy are here to help you get through this difficult time. We have included information below from the Ministry of Health and the Hawke's Bay District Health Board to help you prepare your household in case you or a family member is infected with COVID-19 and need to isolate.

As an essential service, the pharmacy will remain open to supply your medicines. This may look a little different to usual but we will adapt to the changing situation. It is vital that if you are isolating, that you don’t approach or enter the pharmacy. Thank you for your support and patience.

Please download and complete the top two checklists to hep you get ready. We've also included links to update sites and a poster you can place on your door if you are isolating.

We will also regularly post updates online on our websiteFacebook and Instagram. If you need a more detailed plan or help with this, please ask our Pharmacists for more help. As important as our physical health is, it is also important to safeguard our mental health so our Pharmacists have put together some wellbeing tips here.

Ways to access medicines from Ahuriri Pharmacy:

  1. Order on our online store
  2. Email on to place your medicine request or
  3. Phone 8357948 to request medicines and
  4. Have a non-isolating family member or friend collect for you and leave on your doorstep or arrange us to deliver to you in a contactless way.

Medicines / supplies to have on hand:

  1. Hand sanitiser
  2. Face masks (reusable or disposable)
  3. Thermometer
  4. Oximeter (optional)
  5. Paracetamol for fever or pain relief
  6. Ibuprofen for fever or pain relief
  7. Throat lozenges
  8. Nasal spray
  9. Hydralyte electrolytes for vomiting or diarrhoea.

It is ideal to have a small supply of these items for your family but also ensuring others can get a supply too.


New prescriptions can be emailed to the pharmacy from your doctor. If you have the physical script, email a photo of it to Once out of isolation, please bring in the original copy of that prescription for our records. Repeat scripts can also be ordered on or by phoning 8357948. Please allow some time for your script to be filled as we anticipate that demand on our team will increase.

A non-isolating family member or friend can collect your medicines and leave them on your doorstep or you can request that we deliver them to you in a contactless way.

Our Pharmacists are managing stock levels as best we can. Please order your prescriptions when you have up to a week supply left, rather than leaving it to the last minute or stockpiling so others miss out.

Medication packs:

If you currently have medication packs made for you, this service will continue. Home delivery will also continue but will change to contactless delivery. If you normally collect your packs but need to isolate, please phone on 8357948 to arrange a delivery time.

Contactless deliveries:

If you need a delivery, we will ask for your phone number. Our driver will come to your home, hand sanitise and place your medicines on your front doorstep. The driver will then return to their car and call you to say your parcel is on the doorstep and wait for you to collect the parcel. Download a sign above that you can put on your door if you are isolating.



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