Winter Immunity and how to boost yours

Immunity naturally weakens with age, increasing the risk of contracting infections and them being more severe. As the colder months approach, here are three essential ways to enhance immunity and maintain good health.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Opt for a vibrant diet filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and low GI carbohydrates. Include zinc-rich foods like fish, vitamin C sources such as oranges and red capsicums, and immunity boosting garlic and honey. Stay hydrated, consider probiotics for digestion, prioritise sleep, and stay active while limiting smoking and alcohol.

Consider Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is associated to higher infection risks and autoimmune conditions. Adequate vitamin D levels support bone health and help reduce infection susceptibility. Signs of deficiency include fatigue, aches, frequent infections, reduced mental health and bone or muscle pain or weakness. Levels can be checked with a blood test from your Doctor, and increased with supplements, diet (eating oily fish, milk, dairy, eggs or liver) or exposure to sunlight. Spend time outside for up to 30-minutes early or late in the day, having your face, arms and legs uncovered.

Flu Vaccination

The flu vaccine stimulates immunity against the virus, aiding in faster recovery upon exposure. As the virus mutates every year, the strains of virus in the vaccine are updated. Vaccinations are accessible through Vaccinating Pharmacists for individuals over 3 years old. Eligible groups (over 65 years, pregnant women or those with certain health conditions) can receive free vaccines, while others can obtain them for a fee. Autumn is the ideal time to get vaccinated, with availability starting in April.



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