Self-care: A New Year’s resolution

I purchased Dr Libby Weaver’s book “Exhausted to Energised” many months ago and have never made the time to actually read it, but today opened it to find pages of great advice. One chapter that caught my eye was “You are busy with what you say yes to” – how true! She goes on to say that we create great lives for ourselves and then get so bogged down in the day-to-day that we fail to appreciate what we have, and our energy is sapped. We see this in the pharmacy and amongst our friends (and ourselves!) so for me, it is time to make a resolution to include some self-care into my life. Do you agree?

Self-care describes positive actions you do to be good to yourself. Being kind to yourself as you are to others to keep your resources replenished, rather than letting them drain away. Ideas of self-care include a walk in nature; meditation; eating well; saying “no”; taking a bubble bath; sitting in the sunshine; a chocolate treat; patting an animal; writing a daily journal; being creative; dancing; having lunch with a friend or taking a nap.

We typically will look at these ideas and think “I’m fine”, pushing them aside, but self-care has broader benefits. It helps to boost your self-esteem, gives you purpose and makes you more productive and efficient at work. It helps you manage your stress levels, and your physical health will improve if you are sleeping well, choosing healthy foods and exercising regularly.

But self-care needs to be made a priority. Try keeping a bedtime wind-down routine to wake calm and refreshed. Or, set aside time first thing - women don’t have the same testosterone levels as men so tend to start the day a little slower and the first hour of the day will set the tone for the rest. Remember that your hormones will change through the month and when you need to stay home and rest, then that is ok. Take time to treat yourself, you deserve it.



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