GO HEALTHY Apple Cider Vinegar with Capsi-Slim 60s

GO HEALTHY Apple Cider Vinegar with Capsi-Slim 60s

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Product Benefits

GO Apple Cider Vinegar with Capsi-Slim provides the benefits of naturally fermented apples with Capsimax. The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar is in a high concentration (one capsule is equivalent to 10ml) to support digestive vitality, aid detoxification and support pH and blood sugar balance in the body. Capsimax is a scientifically researched ingredient that supports healthy weight management and metabolism. Easy once a day dosing.

Product Ingredients

Apple cider vinegar 1000mg (acetic acid 350mg) and Capsimax 10mg.

Is not suitable for use in pregnancy or lactation. Take only as directed in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if this product is right for you if you take other medications.



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