REJUVENAIL Anti-Fungal Nail Solution 6.6ml

REJUVENAIL Anti-Fungal Nail Solution 6.6ml

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Pharmacy Medicine


Rejuvenail is used to treat topical fungal infections of the nails. The active ingredient penetrates the nail to prevent growth of the fungal infection. Filing is not required.


Contains Ciclopirox 8%.


  1. Trim the nail/s
  2. Clean the nail of polish, wash and dry
  3. Daily brush a thin layer of Rejuvenail onto the nail surface and 5mm of surrounding skin and under free edge of nail
  4. Allow to dry for 30 seconds
  5. Leave on for 6+ hours and wash off 
  6. Repeat until the infection can be cut out and the healthy nail has regrown.

Please note it may take as long as six to twelve months for the treatment to have it's full effect.


For use on adults only. For external use only. Avoid if you have any hypersensitivity to any component of the solution. For use on the nails and skin around the nail, not in the eyes, orally or vaginal use. If the area of application gets irritated, please consult your doctor. Consult your doctor before use in pregnancy or lactation. 



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