MYCONAIL Nail Lacquer Solution 5% 5ml

MYCONAIL Nail Lacquer Solution 5% 5ml

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Pharmacy Medicine


Myconail is used to treat topical fungal infections of the nails.


Contains Amorolfine 5% in a lacquer. Other ingredients ammonio methacrylate copolymer, butyl acetate, ethanol, ethyl acetate, triacetin. The kit also contains sixty cleansing swabs, thirty nail files and ten re-useable spatulas.


Apply like nail polish once or twice a week until the infection has cleared and healthy nail has grown back. This can take up to 12 months. To treat,

  1. Clean and trim the nail/s and file down the surface of the nail using the nail files included.
  2. Wipe the surface of the nail with a cleansing swab.
  3. Apply the varnish with one of the spatulas to the whole nail and clean the spatula with a cleansing swab before applying to a second nail, re-using or putting it back into the bottle.
  4. Repeat for each affected nail.
  5. Allow to dry for about 3 minutes before putting on socks or stockings.
  6. Repeat from step one once or twice a week, filing and cleaning the nail/s each time. 


For use on adults only. For external use only. Avoid if you have any hypersensitivity to any component of the lacquer. For use on the nails and skin around the nail, not in the eyes, orally or vaginal use. If the area of application gets irritated, please consult your doctor. Consult your doctor before use in pregnancy or lactation. Keep the lid tightly on the bottle when not in use. 



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