FIRST AID KIT Basic Workplace Kit

FIRST AID KIT Basic Workplace Kit

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This is a workplace kit designed to meet the requirements of WorkSafe NZ, covering basic equipment to attend to common injuries. In addition to these supplies, consider particular risks of the work carried out in your workplace and add in items specific for treating those risks. The kit includes:

1x Fabric regular plasters (50 pack)
6x Non-adherent dressing 5x7.5cm (5 pack)
3x Non-adherent dressing 7.5x10cm (5 pack)
1x Combine dressing 10x9cm
3x Gauze swabs (2 pack)
2x Conforming bandage 5cm
2x Conforming bandage 7.5cm
2x Triangular bandage 110x110cm
1x Paper tape 25mm x 9.1m
1x CPR face shield
2x Sterile eye pad
1x Sodium chloride ampoule 10ml (5 pack)
2x Latex gloves (pairs)
5x Antiseptic wipes
1x Emergency blanket thermal 140x200cm
1x First aid tweezers
1x Safety pins (10 pack)
1x Splinter probe (5 pack)
1x Nurses scissors 13cm

Supplied in a ziplock bag as a full kit or simply purchase the items you require to top up your existing kit. Click to download a first aid register to print and include in your kit.



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