ETHICAL NUTRIENTS Inner Health Plus Dairy Free 30 Capsules

ETHICAL NUTRIENTS Inner Health Plus Dairy Free 30 Capsules

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Product Benefits:

Inner Health is a medical strength of Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium. If you have been taking a course of antibiotics a probiotic such as Inner Health Dairy Free may assist in maintaining the balance of good bacteria. It aids in the maintenance of a normal healthy gastrointestinal system and digestive function; helps improve general wellbeing and may be useful for the symptoms of bloating, gas or flatulence. It aids in maintaining a normal healthy immune system and helps maintain normal healthy urogenital flora.

Product Ingredients:

Each capsule contains 25 Billion Good Bacteria:

Lactobacillus Acidophilus (NCFM) organisms
12.5 Billion
Bifidobacterium Lactis (Bi-07) organisms
12.5 Billion


Adults: Suitable for dairy and lactose intolerant people. Adults and children over five years: Take 1 capsule daily or as directed by a healthcare professional.



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