MitoQ 5mg Capsules 60s

MitoQ 5mg Capsules 60s

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MitoQ is a third generation form of CoEnzyme Q10 that is bound to a fat soluble, positively-charged molecule. Our negatively-charged mitochondria pull MitoQ through the inner membrane, deep inside the mitochondria.

In the mitochondria, the CoEnzyme Q10 is released to replenish supplies right where they are needed the most.

This formula means that MitoQ is 847 times more effective than standard CoEnzyme Q10 formulations.

MitoQ was discovered by scientists in the search for compounds that could treat liver and brain disease. These scientists were looking to correct levels of oxidative stress in cells and the energy imbalances that occur in these diseases. What they found was a way to support mitochondria which had beneficial effects across the whole cell and slowed down the processes normally associated with ageing. Over a decade later, 30 million dollars of research and 180 published research papers, MitoQ is available to you.

Who can benefit from MitoQ?

Anyone over the age of 30
People looking to reduce cellular oxidative stress
People looking to support heart, brain, liver and kidney function
People looking to fight fatigue and increase energy levels

People that take MitoQ report:

Extra energy
Less stress
Faster recovery
Greater exercise endurance
and overall feeling of good health.

You can boost your own natural levels of Co Q10 with MitoQ. When taken alongside a healthy diet and exercise it can reduce damage to your cells inflicted by free radicals.

Antoinette says, “I have been taking two capsules each day for almost a week now and have noticed a significant increase in energy. Fatigue is something I battle daily, some days are so overwhelming I can barely move. Since I started taking MitoQ I have noticed I have more energy and significantly less fatigue! The one day I didn’t take MitoQ was the one day the fatigue kicked my butt. I am a firm believer of MitoQ and will recommend this to others I know who suffer from fatigue. I have a journal tracking my symptoms and improvements, I will continue to update and review this product! What an exciting breakthrough product!”



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