It’s time to do a skin check

We should be regularly checking our skin for signs of sun damage, and this is your gentle reminder. Skin cancers are caused by UV radiation damaging the skin, so it is best to wear sunscreen all year round. Fair skin, ageing, family history, or a large number of moles and other factors can make you more prone to skin cancers. If you are over 50 years, systematically check every part of your body monthly, including the scalp and soles of the feet. See your Doctor if you notice spots that are new, changing, rough or scaly, thickened or raised or aren’t healing. The first sign of a melanoma is often an unusual looking mole or freckle that may be itchy, painful or tender.

Once you’ve excluded skin cancers, your skin may still be showing signs of damage. When UV radiation damages the cells, it also suppresses the skin’s immune defenses. Research has found that vitamin B3 protects these defenses and allows efficient repair of the cells. Using a vitamin B3 tablet or cream, such as Solarcare, may reduce redness, improve pigmentation and increase hydration to minimise the appearance of sun damage. Many Doctors are recommending Solarcare as it contains 5% vitamin B3 and are having their patients apply it twice daily for 3-months.

We’re hearing great results from our customers, Carol said
"Already I am finding the Solarcare cream beneficial. I understand that to repair sun damaged skin is a slow process, but I haven’t found anything that is as good as Solarcare."
If you would like to try Solarcare for yourself, book at complimentary 15-minute consultation to go through how to use it and to collect a free sample to see if the product is suitable for you. We’d love to track your progress with some before and after photos if you are happy to do that.



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