The Good Facemask Reusable Child

The Good Facemask Reusable Child

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A reusable fabric mask for child use (over 2 years is recommended). Wearing a face mask is not a guarantee that you won’t get sick from Coronavirus or other infections, but it may help you to feel more comfortable when out; reduce face touching and capture your droplets from your mouth and nose to protect others if you are unwell.

Each mask comes with a filter to be used once. The mask can be worn without the filter after this first use or by inserting kitchen towel instead.

Wash the mask before use. To put on, make sure you have clean hands and you follow the instructions carefully. It is important not to touch the mask once it is in place. When you have finished with it, remove carefully and wash your hands thoroughly. Wash the mask immediately. 

Child size: mask = 16cm x 12cm; ear to ear = 28cm

The colour and design sent may vary from what is shown.



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