RADIANCE Superfoods Berry Greens Powder 100g

RADIANCE Superfoods Berry Greens Powder 100g

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Radiance berry greens powder is a mix of 23 ingredients including red superfoods, green powders, probiotics and fibre. Perfect to use to boost your antioxidants in your diet and may help to support a healthy heart and digestion. 

Dissolve 2 tsp in 200-300ml of water or milk daily. Children 5-12 years, give 1tsp in 200ml of water.

Contains goji berry, beetroot, pomegranate, acai, blackberry, strawberry, acerola, blackcurrant, yang-mei, raspberry, spirulina, chorella, kale, broccoli, wheat grass, barley grass, spinach, mangosteen, maqui, sumac, elderberry, cranberry, blueberry powders. Plus inulin, vitamin C, bigidobaterium longum, lactobacilus acidophilis, bromelain, pea protein, natural flavours and stevia.



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