RADIANCE Silica Beauty 60 Vegecaps

RADIANCE Silica Beauty 60 Vegecaps

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We have all had a bad hair day, but for many, those days seem to turn into weeks and then months and before you know it, it is unusual to have a day where you are happy with your hair. Although there are many reasons why people may suffer from poor hair condition, one reason is poor intake of the essential nutrients needed for the body to produce healthy vibrant hair. It is also no coincidence that poor hair and nails can go hand in hand, as they are essentially made of the same stuff - keratin.

Product Benefits:

Hair and nails are made from a special protein called keratin which is hard and resilient and resistant to wear and tear. Like other proteins in the body, keratin is made up of smaller units called amino acids. Keratin production is heavily dependent on a good dietary intake of protein, which supplies the individual amino acids needed. But eating a few steaks every day is not going to guarantee long, flowing, gorgeous “just stepped out of the salon” locks. Keratin production is also dependant on an array of other vitamins and minerals and without these nutrients, our hair and nails can experience a wide range of problems.

For hair, a deficit in these essential nutrients can mean hair that is dull, dry and prone to the dreaded split ends. Poor nutrient intake can also mean excessive hair shedding and at the extreme end, people can lose large amounts of their hair, leading to noticeably thinner hair. Specific nutrient deficiencies can also contribute to prematurely greying hair.

As far as undernourished nails go, this can mean nails that take an eternity to grow, nails that soften and peel before they get any length or become brittle and break at the slightest bump. It can also mean pitted, marked, streaked and just generally undesirable nails!

With these specific nutrient requirements in mind, Radiance® has developed Silica Beauty, a wonderful, synergistic blend of essential minerals, nutrients and herbs to support healthy, gorgeous, glossy, strong hair and nails.

Product Ingredients:

Gotu kola – This tonic herb has pride of place for supporting beautiful hair and nails, enhancing healing, ensuring optimal venous tone and supporting those with dimpled, pitted skin. It also supports those under stress, which can impact negatively on hair and make nail biting worse.

Silica derived from bamboo shoots – Supports the health, growth, repair and strength of nails and hair. Deficiency in silica, (more common as people age) appears as brittle hair and nails and can also result in shedding, thin hair, hair loss and peeling nails. Radiance® Silica Beauty uses silica from bamboo shoots as it is sustainable, provides high potency and shows better bioavailability than other silica sources.

MSM – Provides organic sulphur to support healthy hair condition, growth and thickness. MSM also supports nail growth and may support those with scaly, flaky scalps.

Biotin – Deficiency of biotin is very common and may be associated with greying hair, hair loss, brittle, peeling nails and scratchy, scaly skin conditions.

Valére Organic NZ Giant Kelp – This organic Macrocystis pyrifera seaweed provides a full complement of minerals including iodine which helps to support thyroid health and hair and nail growth and condition.

Essential Minerals – Radiance® Silica Beauty also incorporates all of the essential minerals required for keratin production including zinc, manganese and boron.


Take one to three tablets daily , with or without food. 

Precautions: None known. Always ask your product supplier or health professional if there are any specific precautions regarding your use of this or any supplement.



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