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NU-ZEST Good Green Stuff 300g (30 Serves)

NU-ZEST Good Green Stuff 300g (30 Serves)

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Product Benefits:

With over 70 ingredients, Good Green Stuff is a Superblend of all your essential nutrients in one place. It takes away the guesswork.

Product Ingredients:

The real power of Good Green Stuff is in its high concentration of fruits, berries, vegetables, green algae, and herbs – a potent blend of nutrient-rich and high antioxidant superfoods. This is real food, raw and alive as nature intended, not a synthetic multi-vitamin. It’s nutrition that your body recognises and can use. Good Green Stuff contains the antioxidant equivalent of 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables in one serve and it’s cold blended so that enzymes and heat-sensitive nutrients remain intact. Contains pre-biotics, pro-biotics and enzymes to aid digestion, and ingredients to support your detox organs. Plus adaptogenic herbs to help recharge the adrenal glands (they help deal with stress).

Easy to make - just 30 seconds a day! You just dissolve two heaped teaspoons into 250-300ml of non-acidic juice, or your favourite milk, or just water. You can blend in fresh fruits or Clean Lean Protein for a delicious smoothie. Good Green Stuff does not replace a healthy diet but it does help to meet the challenges of environmental toxins, nutrient depleted soils, processed foods, fast foods, excess alcohol, fast-paced lifestyle and missed meals.

Perfect for Vegans and vegetarians. Suitable for Allergy Sufferers and Coeliacs. It is not suitable for children under the age of 5 years. Contains Vitamin K. People taking warfarin should seek medical advice before starting consumption.

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