NAILCLIN AntiFungal Treatment 4ml

NAILCLIN AntiFungal Treatment 4ml

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Nailclin has been shown to penetrate the nail to treat fungal infections of the nails. The natural ingredients change the environment of the nail, making it unsuitable for the fungi to grow there.


Contains white thyme oil, eucalyptus citriodora, ethanol and lactic acid in a brush pen device.


The brush applicator makes treatment easy and you can expect to see results in four weeks but treatment should continue until the infection can be cut out of the nail and healthy nail has grown back. This can take up to 12 months. To treat,

  1. Clean the nail/s with water.
  2. Remove the cap, turn the bottom of the pen the direction of the arrow until the brush is damp. Apply to the nail thinly twice a day for the first month (only onto the nail, not the skin around it).
  3. Apply at bedtime in the subsequent months.
  4. Let the nail dry for a couple of minutes.
  5. Replace the pen cap.


For use on adults only. For external use only. Avoid if you have any hypersensitivity to any component of the lacquer. For use on the nails only. Consult your doctor before use in pregnancy or lactation. 



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