LORACLEAR Tabs 10mg 30

LORACLEAR Tabs 10mg 30

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Loraclear tablets are a fast-acting, non-drowsy treatment used to relieve the symptoms of perennial and seasonal allergic rhinitis, commonly known as hayfever. It provides daily relief from sneezing, running or itchy nose, nasal congestion, throat discomfort, and irritated or watery eyes. Loraclear will also alleviate the symptoms of other allergic skin reactions including urticaria or hives.


Each tablet contains Loratadine 10mg


Adults and children 2+ years and over 30kg: One 10mg tablet daily.
Children less than 30kg: Half a 10mg tablet daily.


Loraclear is not recommended for children under 2 years or during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Not recommended with liver disease or severe kidney problems. Loraclear is unlikely to cause drowsiness. If, however, you find that you become affected do not drive a vehicle or operate machinery. Do not use if you are allergic to Loratadine or any of the other ingredients of Loraclear. It does not contain sucrose or gluten but does contain lactose.



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