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LINDEN LEAVES Radiant Exfoliating Wash 55ml

LINDEN LEAVES Radiant Exfoliating Wash 55ml

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A wonder product for clearing and balancing skin prone to excess oil, spots or congestion. Fresh and delicious tangerine and apricot natural exfoliation.

Formulated with nature’s aid to remove impurities and refine the skin for a radiant healthy glow. Suitable for all skin types.


  • tangerine to help tone and clear congested skin, reduce scarring and spots.


  • apricot kernel granules to lift away dead skin cells which can block pores.


  • aloe vera to hydrate and minimise irritation.


  • kowhai extract to soothe and cleanse.


TIP: Try adding a little to your purifying cleanser for a lighter exfoliation effect if using frequently.

TIP: Don't feel you need to stop at the chin - feel free to use on the neck, decolletage and shoulders to prevent redness and spots.

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