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LINDEN LEAVES Ginseng Orange Blossom Bubble Bath 500ml

LINDEN LEAVES Ginseng Orange Blossom Bubble Bath 500ml

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Linden Leaves is made with care and attention to detail in New Zealand. Linden Leaves philosophy is to create beautiful products to nourish the skin and nurture the soul, which offer a sense of delight. Designed to inspire a moment of peace in each day, the focus is on the best quality, natural ingredients contained in beautiful, recyclable packaging.

Linden Leaves Ginseng and Orange bubble bath is a luxurious foaming bubble bath infused with slightly sweet, floral orange blossom marked by the spicy aroma of ginseng. pour several spoonfuls of bubble bath liquid into warm flowing water and agitate to encourage bubbles before immersing yourself in fragrant, bubbly bliss, ideally with a herbal tea or glass of wine and a good book!

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