LINDEN LEAVES Clay Cleansing Masque 55ml

LINDEN LEAVES Clay Cleansing Masque 55ml

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Linden Leaves is made with care and attention to detail in New Zealand. Linden Leaves philosophy is to create beautiful products to nourish the skin and nurture the soul, which offer a sense of delight. Designed to inspire a moment of peace in each day, the focus is on the best quality, natural ingredients contained in beautiful, recyclable packaging.

Ideal for balancing those troublesome oily areas and absorbing excess oil and pollution from enlarged pores. Formulated to gently and deeply cleanse the skin and lift away impurities, removing excess oil from the pores while improving skin balance and tone. Benefits:

  • comfrey extract for skin nutrition and cell regeneration. 
  • kaolin to purify and absorb excess oil production. 
  • manuka oil to aid healing and restore skin balance.

TIP: Do you suffer from some oily patches and other dry areas? Try combining this masque with your Linden Leaves replenishing masque in a patchwork pattern on the areas that need more or less moisture.

TIP: Struggling with oily skin or blocked pores? Try this masque as a weekly treatment. For best results allow masque to dry before dampening with a face cloth and gently removing with warm water before applying regenerating elixir or essential facial moisturiser.



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