LIFESTREAM Bowel Biotics+ with Digestive Enzymes Powder 400g

LIFESTREAM Bowel Biotics+ with Digestive Enzymes Powder 400g

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Product Benefits:

A processed food diet, ill healthy and the natural aging process can cause the number of natural digestive enzymes in the body to decline, making digestion more uncomfortable. Digestive enzymes are essential to help bread down the food we eat. Lifestream BowelBiotics+ with Digestive Enzymes is a natural digestive formula, containing fibre, prebiotics, probiotics and natural digestive enzymes.

As part of a healthy balanced diet, Lifestream BowelBiotics with Digestive Enzymes helps to ensure regular bowel movements and maintains bowel health – essential for overall health and well-being.

Product Ingredients:

The natural digestive enzymes included in the formula are: Protease, Betaine HCl, Ginger Root, Papain, Peppermint Leaf, Fennel Seed and Bromelain. These digestive enzymes help to break down the food we eat and support the digestion and nutrient absorption process.



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