KM Lipstick 29 Determined 4g

KM Lipstick 29 Determined 4g

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Karen Murrell Lipsticks - keep it natural. A woman consumes an average of nearly two kilograms of lipstick in her lifetime so keep lipstick natural!

Karen Murrell Lipsticks are made from natural based ingredients, free from mineral oils, animal-based material, parabens or preservatives. The high-quality formulation means KM Lipsticks are moisturising, long lasting on lips, and they smell and taste great.

Eco-friendly packaging
Karen Murrell proudly uses eco-friendly packaging. The canisters are made from a corn resin based material that will start to degrade within 100 days and they are greenhouse gas neutral. The outer packaging is a 100% recyclable and renewable, made from local New Zealand trees and printed with soya ink.



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