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I COLONIALI Soap Illipe Butter In A Dish 150g

I COLONIALI Soap Illipe Butter In A Dish 150g

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Nourishing aromatic soap with Illipe butter from J&E Atkinsons. A luxury soap bar with precious softening virtues. It's rich lather cleanses and leaves the skin smooth and velvet-like.

The Illipe is a magnificent tree which grows in the forests of Berneo. For centuries the inhabitants of the island have been using butter extracted from the fruits of the tree as a healing cosmetic treatment. The Illipe has great moisturising properties. This soap is triple milled for long-lasting results.

The nourishing range from I Coloniali includes products leaving your skin soft, velvety and delightfully pampered. Using ingredients like rice bran and shea butter, this is the ideal range for the driest skin.

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