GETTING LOST Girls Road Trip Edition

GETTING LOST Girls Road Trip Edition

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The Getting Lost Girls Road Trip is a stand along game with 26 misdirection cards to help you create the most memorable girls road trip yet. It can be played anywhere and requires no planning. 

Your distance will be determined by who you have in the car and how many exes, sisters or kids they have, plus a selection of random directions we’ll throw at you. You’ll be stopping to go down slides, buying each other a random outfit at a thrift shop that you have to wear the whole day and choosing where you stop for a drink by the colour of the top the driver is wearing.  You’ll have laughed, eaten, drunk and had that kind of fun that only happens on the best of girls trips.  

The Getting Lost Game is a unique game designed in NZ to get kids and adults out and getting lost, inspiring adventures in unknown places. 



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