BLINC Heated Lash Curler

BLINC Heated Lash Curler

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Sweep your lashes upwards for open, larger eyes with this gentle heated eye lash curler. Its innovative design delivers a precise amount of heat, while making it easy to reach even the tiniest lashes. The temperature control mechanism and protective contact guard ensures its safe use. 

To use:

  • Turn curler on and wait until the LED indicator light on the comb head changes from red to yellow.
  • Curl the middle lashes first then either side of the lashes.
  • Brush upwards while keeping the curler's heated comb surface pressed against your lashes for three seconds.
  • Continue brushing upwards and hold curler at the tip of you lashes and gently force the lashes back and hold for another three seconds.
  • For a more pronounced curl, release the grip and move to a new position two or three times.
  • Repeat the process until desired curl is achieved.
  • Turn curler off & replace cap.



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