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APICARE Lemon Verbena Hand Cream 90gm

APICARE Lemon Verbena Hand Cream 90gm

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Apicare Lemon Verbena nourishing hand creme is formulated with natural plant oils, Manuka honey and rich anti-oxidants to protect hands, nails & cuticles from environmental stresses. Gently fragranced with a blend of 100% pure essential oils. This natural handcreme is formulated to absorb quickly leaving your skin soft and hydrated. Creates a silky protective barrier and features natural plant oils to help maintain skins optimal oil balance. Use frequently to protect hands nails and cuticles

Contains Jojoba Oil, a hypoallergenic plant oil rich in Vitamin E and natural anti-oxidant. It also has some anti-bacterial abilities, is a wonderful natural moisturiser for all skin types and is well known for its ability not to clog pores. Shea Butter, sourced from the nut of the native African tree, contains high levels of Oleic acid and Stearic acid. It is rich in vitamins A and E and offers exceptional moisturising and protective properties along with anti-inflammatory benefits. It penetrates the skin easily and results in a softer, plumper texture. The phenolic compounds found in shea nut butter provide anti-aging benefits & the phytosterol, triterpene & cinnamic acid offer natural sun protection.

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