Working together through the Coronavirus

For most of us, the Coronavirus is a threat like which we've never seen before. It is scary and makes us feel uneasy. We need to work together to get through this and we are committed to do our absolute best for our community. 

We are open and will continue to be. 

Let's keep each other well

Like many businesses, our first aim is to keep our customers and team well. We will be operating with our doors closed now that we are progressing to level 4. 

I can't stress enough, PLEASE DO NOT approach any pharmacy or medical centre if you are unwell with cold or flu symptoms. We have signage at the door to remind you but to help you and others, we need to be well ourselves. If you suspect that you may have Coronavirus, please call the Healthline's COVID-19 advice line on 0800 358 5453 and they will guide you. 

We have a team member behind a counter at the door to greet and serve you. Our normal range of medicines, toiletries and prescriptions are available to purchase either at the door or online with delivery or click and collect options.


Our Pharmacists and Dispensary Technicians are working their socks off to fill your scripts and will continue to do this. You can leave your prescription at the counter at the door, have it faxed from your doctor or take a photo and email to Wait times have extended so we'll text you when your script is ready or we can deliver it if you live in the local area. If you have emailed us a picture, please have the original ready when you receive your medicine.

NOTE: If you are waiting, please do so in your car or with 2m space from others in the courtyard.

Stock holding

We’re doing our best to stock and re-stock the products you are looking for but we all have a responsibility to take what we need and leave some for others. We are not supplying prescription medicines early or in extra quantities so there is enough for everyone. Rations may be imposed on certain products over the counter too.

Other measures 

  • Increasing hand washing with soap and water. If you're not already, start too. Wash for 20 seconds, scrubbing well before drying properly with paper towel. Do this every couple of hours and before and after eating.

  • Counters and eftpos machines are being cleaned down regularly and often with recommended antibacterial solutions.

  • Masking up

  • We are practising social distancing. Again, if you're not already, start too. The virus is spread by droplets from an infected person’s respiratory tract. The droplets don’t stay in the air for long and can travel up to 2m so if you give yourself 2m space from others, you are less likely to become infected.
In the pharmacy, this means that there are services that we won't be offering at this time. These include blood pressure testing, medicine use reviews and any blood testing. Testers will be removed from the shelves but we can always put a little in a vial to try at home. 

    Flu vaccinations

    This is a service that requires close contact but as a pharmacy, we have decided to still offer flu vaccinations this year. We cannot vaccinate anyone who is unwell so, again, PLEASE DO NOT come to any pharmacy or medical centre if you are unwell with a cough, fever, shortness of breath or a sore throat.

    To be clear, the influenza vaccine does not protect you against Coronavirus, but at a time we need to reduce the pressure on the healthcare system, it is vital that we protect ourselves and each other by vaccinating against the flu.

    Flu vaccinations are now open for those most at risk. If you are over 65 years or pregnant or have certain chronic conditions you are eligible to have your flu vaccination in pharmacies. Young children with a history of severe respiratory illness are eligible to have a vaccination through their doctor. Vaccinating for the general public starts on 20th April 2020 and can be booked online. If you are classified as higher risk, please call us on 8357948 to book in earlier.

    Contacting us

    We are doing all we can at the moment to ensure you get the products you need as quickly as possible. To help us manage, we have turned on an answer message on our phone to direct you to the right place. Flu vaccinations can be booked online, we are open normal hours and will continue to be and we are out of stock of masks and hand sanitiser. For non-urgent queries, please email us on and for urgent queries, please leave a message. We will be checking the messages all through the day and getting back to you as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your understanding with this.

    At home shopping 

    We have had this site up and running for over 10 years, so we're in the practice of supplying our customers the products they need and love without them leaving the house. So, whether you need to top up your first aid kit, toilet bag or need over the counter medicines, you can comfortably and safely do that right here. We also have a range of supplements to promote health and can arrange home delivery of your prescription medicines in the local area.

    If you are caring (from afar) for an elderly person that will struggle using the online store, please note that you can place the order and have it sent to them via courier.

    Updates you can trust

    The Ministry of Health website is the best source of up to date information on the Coronavirus. Our updates will be posted here and on facebook and by VIP email.


    Let's spread some kindness too. If you are in a position that you can help an elderly neighbour, someone self isolating or a friend struggling, we're loving these postcards to print and put in letterboxes. Download yours here.

    Viral kindness postcards

    Together, we can get through this x



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