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Do we as parents recognise when our children are overweight?

I study I read recently suggests not. The study in the journal Pediatrics commenting that parents of children today are "significantly less likely to make an accurate assessment of their children's weight compared with parents from an earlier generation." Meaning that as parents we're not recognizing if our kids are overweight, and if we're not recognizing if our children are overweight, then we also won't take actions to change the situation.

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Live well with Arthritis

As seen in the HB Today, read this month's health topic, Arthritis: tips to make life easier. Arthritis clinics On Wednesday 25th June, Arthritis educator Zoe McGavock will be hosting small group clinics on Osteoarthritis (1:30pm) and inflammatory arthritis (3:00pm) in store at Ahuriri Pharmacy. Spaces in the clinics are limited so phone today on 835 7948 or email on info@ahuriripharmacy.co.nz to book your space. There is no charge to attend but Arthritis NZ welcomes donations.

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