More on Natural Cosmetics from Michelle....

Hello There,
I have been using Nude by nature for a month now and still loving the results, I think I have cut all parabens out of my skin and hair care products. I am enjoying trying out all of my new alternatives. I think my favourite NBN product has to be the soft focus illuminator, I feel radiant when I wear it, it gives a soft glow and looks great even when you wear it alone. I have very sensitive skin and I havn't had an issue with this product at all. It is on my must have list. 
I have had the pleasure of doing many make overs on our lovely customers and talked about their choice to also use paraben free make up, I believe consumer demand will force most companies to visit this issue and make changes. 
Oh before I go I have to tell you about my other absolute Favourite atm, Karen Murrell Lippys, they are gorgeous, beautiful bright colours, great staying power and they have noooooooo nasties, hence the the slogan "nothing nasty touches my lips" 
Watch this space for more exciting news on the huge ranges of choices there are if you choose to go Paraben Free.



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