Getting kids outdoors to play

Hi, my name is Claire and I am one of the owners of Ahuriri Pharmacy. I wrote a blog recently on living more sustainably and mentioned about the benefits of having kids explore nature and getting outside, so I thought I'd write more about that now.

Struggling with my own kids always wanting to be on computers and other electronic games made me think of the long term effects of our kids' lifestyles on their health and society generally. I did some research and found that people are starting to study these things and have found a correlation between indoor sedentary lifestyles with increasing health problems, obesity, ADHD and other mental conditions.We are seeing some scary stats with kids suffering from Diabetes from a very young age due to diet, lifestyle and hereditary factors.

As a pharmacist, I know firsthand that our health system is focussed around “ambulance at the bottom of the hill” thinking rather than changing behaviours to prevent the diseases in the first place, but we can make a difference to our own kids and those around us! Getting our kids outside playing in nature helps them learn problem solving skills, gets them active, improves mental health and connects them to nature so we will have conservationists for the next generation.

So let's do it ... explore at the beach, fossick in rock pools, jump waves, go for a bush walk, discover native birds and plants, camp out (even in your own backyard), build a fire at the beach, go fishing, bike ride, build something ... and so much more! There's an awesome world out there!



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