In with the new ... cosmetics

Hello, for those reading that don't know me....I am Michelle, one of the crew from the Ahuriri Pharmacy,
I work with a great bunch of people and we are never short of a laugh round here or evolving ideas.
One of the best things about my job is the people I meet and enjoy helping everyday. I love to try all of the new things that come into the pharmacy myself, whether it be beauty products, supplements, jewellery, the odd scarf or two.....ok more than two, and I only do this for the benefit of my customers....hee hee. All in the name of product knowledge.

Last month I made a big decision to eliminate parabens from my skincare and cosmetics. It was a big decision to make as I had a huge collection of make-up carefully chosen and not to mention the dollars spent, however I bit the bullet and did it.... don't get me wrong, there was no way I was going to go make-up free. I needed a quality replacement. I had been actively looking for a natural cosmetic brand that would be cost friendly and suitable for the pharmacy to stock. Skin care is easy, we stock some great brands of paraben free skincare. Make-up was going to be the tricky one. After careful consideration we decided Nude By Nature would be suitable option. So I got rid of all my old stuff and invested in my health and beauty and purchsed the full range for myself, I haven't looked back, I love it, and I feel great about using it. I have since done a number of make-overs in store and couldn't be more pleased with the results. I will pop up some before and after pics soon so you can see for yourself, you do not have to compromise on a great look to go "natural". If anyone is interested in making this move toward a more natural approach toward skincare and make-up I would be  more that happy to have a chat about the options. I'm encouraging my friends and daughters to follow suit. Peter hasn't let us give him a make-over.....YET!

More soon Michelle :-)



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