Autumn planting ... here we come!

The weather has certainly let us know that Winter is on its way but until it arrives, we can enjoy the beautiful season of Autumn - a great season for planting. I got out into my vege patch recently and added in some chicken manure and compost to the soil, then left it to rest for a couple of weeks before planting out my Autumn veges. This year, I've planted silverbeet, carrots, red onions, brocoli, bok choi and snowpeas in my little patch. One great tip I read to keep the white caterpillar moths away is to plant white flowers amongst brassicas, and so far it seems to be keeping them away. My onions are close by too as a companion plant and I'll get some garlic in there soon, so fingers crossed for a good crop this year.

The Garden Grow website is a great resource for what to plant when - I love to go through the list for inspiration and try and get my kids involved in the process. Happy planting!

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