Ever tried geocaching? Great fun for kids (and adults)!

What is geocaching? I hear you ask ... Geocaching is like a world wide treasure hunt where you look for hidden treasure boxes with GPS devices (phones, ipods and other devices). And it is great fun! It can be a great day out hunting for them or a good boredom distraction on a walk or at a park. The caches are usually little boxes with a few nicnacs in and a notebook. When you find the cache, you write in the notebook and can choose a treasure to swap with something you've brought along.

To get started, you download the Geocaching app from the App Store or Google Play - look for the icon. Geocaching icon Choose a cache to look for, either close to you or in an area and use the inbuilt compass and clues to find it. There's lots of information at www.geocaching.com to read up on it. In the last couple of weeks a facebook group has been set up for local enthusiasts. All in all, it makes for a fun adventure and a great way to get kids outside and exploring.

Happy searching!




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