We are what we eat ...

This year is a milestone year for me and as many of my school friends birthdays come up, I'm starting to think about the aging process. Don't get me wrong, I think people can look fabulous at any age and am not looking for eternal youth. But I think the key to looking and feeling great at any age comes back to what we put into our bodies and how we look after them.

I guess we all wish for more time to exercise and eat the right way, but it's the small changes that can make all the difference and incorporating them into our day to day life. Our next health column is on aging gracefully and we've come up with 6 top tips to do so but these apply generally to our health as much as to aging. The first couple involve our diet ... small changes might be to eat an extra serve of fruit or veges each day. Juicing is so popular at the moment and is a great way to add an extra helping of veges in our days. I'm trying to eat a piece of fruit or carrot sticks for morning tea or a pot of yoghurt for a dairy and protein helping. Nuts are also great for snack as a good source of healthy oils and other nutrients. I try and make sure we have a fish dinner each week and plenty of salmon or tuna tins for sandwiches for sources of omega-3. What little changes have you made to improve your diet?

The next few of our tips involve cutting out the rubbish (but we all know that really!), improving our digestion, getting some exercise and keeping in touch with the GP. Digestion is a big one - if our digestion is poor then even a perfect diet won't provide our bodies with the nutrients they need. A probiotic is a great start.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2015.

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