When it rains it pours ....

We all know those times in life when it pours, not rains, pours! We all have them and I've been having one of those times over the last few weeks. Determined to overcome these challenges without getting too stressed, I decided to try out a herbal remedy for stamina and energy, rhodiola. 

So, what is rhodiola? It has an interesting history. It comes from the plant Rhodiola Rosea primarily found in the mountains of Siberia. It was used very early on by Vikings to increase endurance and stamina during their journeys and by the Russians to survive freezing Winters. But after World War 2 research into the herb began. The Russians were researching herbs to improve performance for use in the military, athletics and science. These herbs were called adaptogens, meaning that they could help the body adapt primarily to stressors. Animal testing was done to see how effective different herbs were. As a control, rats were placed in water and could swim for 10-15 minutes and then only move small amounts to stay afloat. The rats were then given adaptogen herbs and re-tested. Rats on rhodiola increased their swim time by 35 to 59%.

For me, I must say I'm pretty impressed. I'm sure there is a placebo effect in there knowing that I'm doing something positive for myself but I do feel more alert and able to cope. I've been trying Ethical Nutrients Super B Daily Stress but there's a number of different products with rhodiola in, Go Healthy do Stress and Wellbeing capsules and Ethical Nutrients do Recharge and Relax which is a nice calming powder.

Onwards and upwards ...



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