School holiday fun in nature

The health benefits of getting outside and our kids outside in nature range from reduced obesity rates to reduction in rates of ADHD and diabetes. These Easter school holidays are the perfect time to get started. Courtesy of Nature Play WA, here are 47 ideas of things every kid should experience before they turn 12.

  1. Climb a tree
  2. Sleep under the stars (even in your backyard)
  3. Fall off a bike
  4. Learn to swim
  5. Build a cubby or a tree house
  6. Find a geocache in your neighbourhood
  7. Go beach combing after a storm
  8. Cook on a campfire
  9. Catch a wave (start with a small one)
  10. Play chasy in the rain
  11. Catch a prawn in a river (or at least have fun trying)
  12. Make a water slide with builders plastic and a hose
  13. Find a cave
  14. Make something with things you find
  15. Play in a creek
  16. Do something you’re scared of
  17. Slide down a sand (or grass) hill on cardboard
  18. Yell “cooeee!” in a gorge or a valley
  19. Camp on a beach
  20. Build a sandcastle city
  21. Skim a stone
  22. Plant something and watch it grow
  23. Play spotlight
  24. Ride your bike on a bush trail
  25. Visit an island
  26. Go for a two-day hike
  27. Snorkel at the beach or on a reef
  28. Ride a flying fox
  29. Play under a sprinkler
  30. Climb a big rock
  31. Play in the bush for a whole day
  32. Visit a waterhole
  33. Meet kids in a park and invent a game
  34. Paddle a kayak
  35. Dig for worms in your backyard
  36. Catch a crab
  37. Visit a national park
  38. Catch a fish
  39. Play on a rope swing
  40. Make a kite and fly it
  41. Jump off a jetty (check the water is deep enough first)
  42. Identify the birds in your backyard
  43. Go abseiling
  44. Catch a tadpole (and release it)
  45. Make a mud pie
  46. Find a lake, puddle, pond etc and use a magnifying glass to spot the living creatures in it
  47. Play beach cricket

Have fun!



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