Tips for managing your medicines or those of a loved one

Looking after your own medicine or those of a loved one can be complicated. Multiple medicines and dosage times can boggle even the most astute mind. Pharmacists are experts in managing medicines and can support you in more ways that just dispensing prescriptions. There are many tools your Pharmacist can offer you, services you may not have heard about before.

Prescription reminders 

A text message or email can be sent to remind you of repeat scripts that are due or soon to expire. New scripts can be faxed through from your doctor to save you time waiting in the pharmacy. 

One on one consultations with a Pharmacist

At Ahuriri Pharmacy, we offer extra care for people with long term conditions (high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis etc). The care may include working you and/or your family to give tools to remember to take your medicines, reduce unnecessary trips to the doctor or pharmacy and refer you to other specialist services.

Another option is a Medicines Use Review (MUR) where one of our Pharmacists can sit down with you in a private consultation and discuss what medicines you are taking, how you take them and what you understand they are for and how they work. I like to think of them as a good check-up of how you are going with your medicines. This service is funded by the District Health Board in certain circumstances.

Medicine reminder packs

Our Pharmacists can sort medicines into an easier, more manageable system to make it easier to deal with multiple medicines and doses. These packs help you or your loved one take the right medicine in the right dose, at the right time. Your Pharmacist will dispense your prescriptions at the pharmacy and make a personal pack with your medications laid out as prescribed. Medication packs can also be very handy for travel and will have a list of all your medications printed on the back.

Trial reminder packs for 12-weeks at no charge now by asking our Pharmacists. They can also request new scripts from the doctor when needed (with your doctor’s permission).

Home delivery service

Ahuriri Pharmacy offers a free medicine home delivery service within the local area each Monday afternoon.

These areas of support don't stand alone. If you choose to have your medicines packed in reminder packs, then our Pharmacists can order your prescriptions, source your medicines, pack them into the reminder packs, deliver them to you and sit down with you to explain what they are all for and how to take them. Your Pharmacist is an easy point of contact, a wealth of knowledge and advice for you.



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