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Little steps towards a healthier you in 2018

Whether you are setting New Year resolutions for yourself or not, this time of year often has us reflecting on what we can improve upon. Healthy living is all about choices, some big ones and lots of little ones. Most of us could look to make improvements in our diets or find a few minutes to be active outdoors. Since it is easier to make small changes, here’s 30 little steps towards a healthier you in 2018. 

  1. Add one extra fruit or vegetable to one meal a day
  2. Swap to lean meat, chicken or fish
  3. Eat more fresh food
  4. Eat naturally colourful meals
  5. Swap a serving of red meat with seafood to your diet each week, especially oily fish such as salmon, tuna or sardines
  6. Swap high for low GI foods, kumara for potato, cherries for ripe bananas etc.
  7. Increase your fibre with wholemeal options of bread, pasta and brown rice
  8. Try nuts as a snack
  9. Eat protein at each meal or snack
  10. Try olive, grapeseed or other healthy oils instead of butter or margarine
  11. Avoid adding salt to your food
  12. Eat breakfast
  13. Add grains or fruit to breakfast to increase its nutritional value
  14. Identify food sensitivities
  15. Correct imbalances in your gut with a probiotic or kombucha drinks
  16. Chew your food thoroughly and slowly
  17. Increase your activity levels by 10 minutes a day
  18. Include activity into your daily routine to make it easier to find the time
  19. Engage in some physical activity that you love
  20. Have a friend exercise with you
  21. Put your shoes and active wear at the end of the bed for morning activity
  22. Carry a drink bottle to increase your water intake
  23. Drink one glass less alcohol
  24. Quit smoking
  25. Practice positive self-talk
  26. Connect with others
  27. Do something that you enjoy every day
  28. Ask for help when you need it
  29. Try meditation, yoga or going for a lovely walk along the beach to relax
  30. Breathe

Even if we put into place one or two changes a week, over time, the results would be amazing. Wishing you a healthy and happy 2018.

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