Time to get ready for some Summer fun ...

Neat Feat beauty buzzSummer means jandals, sandals and showing off parts of our body that have been well covered up over the cooler months. So let's start with a full body exfoliating regime. Sugar Baby scrub is amazing. Now you are ready for a quick spray tan the next day. Art of Beauty are offering St Tropez spray tans for $40, only takes a few minutes and wallah ... instant bronzed beauty.

Now our neglected tootsies. Start with a good soak, my favorite is Linden Leaves, dry your feet off. Then using Scholl Express Pedi or a Neat Feat Beauty Buzz, get rid of the dry cracked skin on heels and soles of feet. After you have smoothed off the worst of it, generously rub in Eulactol Gold Heel Balm, pop on some cotton socks and leave on overnight. While you have the Beauty Buzz out pop on the hair removal attachment and get rid of any unwanted hair. Use Avene Spring Water to soothe any ouchy areas.

Phase two of your spruce up. After your spray tan and your feet have been smoothed to perfection, it is now time to file the nails into shape, hands and feet. Give your cuticles a good massage and paint nails with a base coat, two coats of one of the great new OPI summer colors (I love the new milky colors available) and finish with a topcoat. I use the OPI base and top coat in one. By now you should be feeling a million dollars.

I hope this gets you inspired to get yourself ready for those lovely summer frocks and sandals, summer BBQs and glasses of bubbles with good friends.

Michelle x

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