Discover the secret to timeless, beautiful skin.....

The recipe for beautiful, clear and healthy glowing skin can be yours! 

The highly absorbable marine collagen in Ageless Beauty helps the body replace lost collagen, improving the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tone.

We are lucky enough to have Naturopath Rachel Dawson instore next wednesday morning giving free 30 minute consultations to answer all your questions on your skin issues! 

Rachel will perform a non-invasive skin consultation using the skin diagnostic machine SD202, which takes four different measurements which can help identify key areas of concern to develop a tailored beauty formula.
  •  Hydration: Measures the dispersion of water intake and how the water is retained in the skin. Low levels of water in the skin add to the aging process and often present as tight, slackened, dull skin.
  •  Oil content: This measures how well the acid mantle is performing. A good level of oil is required to keep the skin protected from the elements, from microbes and also to help to keep the skin optimally hydrated.
  •  Redness: This measure how much redness is in the skin, which can be elevated due to skin sensitivity, aging and sun damage.
  •  Melanin: This reading shows how much melanin you have in the skin, which correlates to your phototype and the risk of developing skin damage and discolouration. 

We only have 6 spaces available so phone

us on 8357948 to book yours!

Even better, Ageless Beauty will be available to purchase for a heavily discounted price and you will also receive a free gift!

The below clip will answer all your questions as to why Ageless Beauty is an award winning product and a must-have for your beauty regime!


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